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Jan 2021

Episode 5: Grit And Resilience at NIC ‘It’s who we are’

In this episode recorded in the last days of 2020, guests Kathy Albin, Liz Zenker and Athena Randleas joined our host Tyler Sea and explored the concepts of grit and resilience at NIC. They found themselves reflecting on the strengths the last year and all its challenges brought out in us. As Athena Randleas said about grit and resilience at NIC: "It's who we are." 


Mar 2020

Episode 4: Diversity

What is diversity? Why is it often a topic on college campuses and beyond?
Join our guests NIC President Rick MacLennan; Public Services Librarian Brian Seguin; Grants Development Manager Hannah Paton; and human resources expert Erin Norvell and our host Tyler Sea as they discuss the concept of diversity and how and why it’s a common theme in higher education.


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Feb 2020

Episode 3: Free speech on college campuses

Freedom of speech is a constitutionally protected right, one that is frequently accompanied by tension created when opposing thoughts and opinions collide. On public college campuses, where ideas, debate, and dialogue are important parts of learning and personal growth, how do you maintain a constitutional balance of freedom of expression and safety?


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Join our guests NIC’s Joe Jacoby, Graydon Stanley, Alex Harris, and Maureen Dolan, as they discuss with host Tyler Sea the college’s long history of protecting free speech while keeping it from disrupting the educational environment.



Dec 2019

Episode 2: NIC Athletics

Meet the new leaders in athletics at North Idaho College. Athletic director, Bobby Lee; new head wrestling coach, Mike Sebaaly; and Shay Fuson, who is now leading the softball program, join our host Tyler Sea for a discussion about their backgrounds, philosophies and their visions for the future of NIC athletics.

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Nov 2019

Episode 1: Entrepreneurship and the entrepreneurial mindset

More than building a business, entrepreneurship is about problem-solving, collaboration and innovation. President Rick MacLennan, Director of Regional Entrepreneurial Strategy Ryan Arnold and Associate Professor of Education, Assistant Dean of General Studies Gail Ballard join our host, Tyler Sea of The Community Experiment, to discuss entrepreneurship and the ways it is embedded in the student experience at North Idaho College and why.
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